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21 July 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Title: all for you my daisy - chapter 1
Pairing: Nick Jonas/OC
Rating: Its Safe for now ;) (Will be M in future chapter's)
Author: missemilyfleur
Summary: "Little did I know that Stevey was right. Today was going to be a day like no other; I was going to meet someone that was going to change my life for the better, forever."

My Lj hates me. Please comment guys, i'd really love it if you did :)

Finally we arrived at the theatre and as usual the street’s had already come alive with people from all over the world, setting up stalls to sell various items. After hopping out of the car and brushing myself off, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, to check the time. It was only 7:25 Am. I waited as Stevey drove the car away from the building to find a space to park before making my way towards the stage door. Sam and Cara, the make-up artists, were smoking outside the door as they chatted to each other about what was on TV last night. Once I was inside I signed in on the sheet of paper that was at the desk by the door and smiled when I saw my friend, Sarah's name written down a few above mine. I wasn’t surprised that she was already in, as she only lived around the corner, and could walk here in about 5 minutes max. That’s why I sometimes slept round hers if I needed an early start the next morning.

After that, I made my way to the main stage, knowing that was the place everyone else would be. As I pushed the doors open, I saw Sarah and Matt standing sitting in two of the audience seats. They work behind the scenes here, but are also featured in the chorus. They were both 19, and the closest to my age here. Simon and Jenny were sitting on the stage floor along with Lea. Simon play’s Jean Valjean, Cosette’s father. So we’re pretty close too. The beautiful Lea plays Fantine, and I really think she is one of the most stunning women I have ever met. Then Jenny tells the most amazing stories’ and she can make a sexual innuendo from just about anything. Then I also spotted David and Carl talking by the Piano. David’s playing Thénardier and is really funny and then Carl works with the lighting of the stage.

I knew every single person in the cast of this show after spending half of my life time here. We all got on like family, because really that’s what we were. A really big, talented family. I decided to go and sit down on the empty side beside Matt. "Hey guys, do you two know who the 'new guy' is?" I asked them as I slung my bag down onto the floor. “Not yet. Cameron was waiting for you to arrive before introducing us." I bit my lip as I looked around the place. I couldn’t see Cameron or anyone that I didn’t know. I was really looking forward to seeing who it was; after all they were going to be playing Cosette's love interest. As I was looking round, I saw Norm and Killian smiling at me. I rolled my eyes at the two who were blatantly checking me out. Pervs. They were only a little bit older then me but it was still creepy. But apart from that and the fact that I’ve often caught them trying to catch me in the nude when I’ve been changing in my dressing room, they were nice guys. They play Javert and Enjolras.

Suddenly Cameron came through the double doors that led backstage to the front of the stage, smiling at us; his cast. I smiled back, waving at him as Stevey walked behind him too, laughing about something he’s said earlier. "Ladies, monsters… Killian." I laughed at his comment. He loved calling us his 'monsters' after an incident in which we pranked Cameron by dressing up as monsters. Sam and Cara had helped us of course and we had actually looked pretty freaky. There were pictures pinned up on the notice board by the stage door which never failed to make me smile when I passed them. "I’m glad to see you all here at last.” That was so aimed at me. “Now as you all know, a new cast member will be joining us today for the rest of this month, taking on the role of Marius, Cosette's love interest." He winked at me. "So, I’d like to introduce you to a new member of our theatrical family… Nick Jonas!" As those words left his mouth, mine fell open and I turned as the doors opened again. Nicholas Jerry Jonas strolled in, looking so gorgeously smooth as he nodded to a few of the cast members that welcomed him. I watched as a small smile played on his lips once he’d looked in my direction. I blushed but not enough for colour to show on my cheeks and looked away casually; even though I was dying inside from excitement. As soon as he had looked away, I watched again as he walked over to Cameron's side. Cameron pat him on the back as he whispered something to Nick which made him say something back. I wish I knew what they’d just said, even though it was nothing to do with me at all. I looked over to Stevey who raised an eyebrow at me. It was then that I realized what was happening and why Stevey had been acting strangely this morning when I was singing along to the radio. He had known about Nick joining the cast. Nick Jonas, the celebrity I happened to of had a massive crush on since 2006. And he was playing my love interest; that I was going to have to kiss at some point. Oh, dear god.

"Okay, so guys. I hope you all welcome Nick to our family,” Cameron was soon interrupted by Nick. “Yeah, thank you everyone. I’m really looking forward to this.” I think my insides melted when he spoke. I prayed that I wasn’t going to turn into a crazy, obsessive fan girl. Well, in front of him anyway. “Rehearsals start in an hour. Get ready!" Cameron spoke again and with that everyone else went off to their dressing rooms to get ready for rehearsals. I was just about to leave the stage with Sarah and Matt when I heard Cameron call out to me. I took a deep breath and turned around as I walked back over to them. "Nick, this is Alyssa. She's playing Cosette. Your love interest." Nick held his hand out for me and I shook it as I gazed into his deep, chocolate brown eyes. "It’s really nice to meet you Nick." I smiled as I took my hand away quickly before I succumbed to the urge to pull him closer. "Alyssa, I’d like you to show Nick the ropes, as you say. Seeing as you two will become partners in crime for the month." He nodded to me. “Well then. Have fun you two.” He said as he and Stevey left the room, before I had a chance to say another word. "Okay, I guess it’s my job to show you around then Jonas," I said to Nick before leading him backstage.




“Okay, so this is where Carl, our lighting guy, sorts out the spotlights above the stage.” Nick nodded, but I don’t really think he cared that much. I was proved right only a few seconds later. “So, Alyssa. Tell me about yourself.” He suggested as he moved about the room looking at the photos on the wall. “My name is Alyssa Daisy Lyric Silver, I’m 17 and I’m half British, half American. Oh and I’m a Christian. I’ve loved music since I was little and being on the stage was always my dream goal to reach. Both my parents are big names in Hollywood and I only get to see them a few times a year.” I said, quickly and casually as I wanted to find out more about him, even though I knew quite alot already. I didn’t really think Nick wanted to know about me, I wasn’t anyone special or important and to be honest I was quite boring. Or at least that’s what I thought. He turned around smiling. I wondered what he was smiling about until I saw he had a photo in his hands. It was a photo of me when I was 4 on stage in a fairy costume. “Is this you?” He asked, looking backwards and forth from the picture to me. I nodded. “I thought so. I could tell from your eyes. You were cute.” He said as he turned to put it back but froze after saying that last part. I blushed and then frowned at the use of a past tense word. Were. “How about you?” Nick turned around, looking confused. “Tell me about yourself.” I don’t think Nick had expected me to ask that, I guess he was used to people knowing everything about him already because of magazines and books.  I did know a lot but I wanted Nick to clarify those things and surprise me with new facts about himself and his life. “Um okay. I’m’ Nicholas Jerry Jonas, I’m also 17 and I have three brothers; Kevin, Joe and Frankie. I’m in two bands, one that I share with my brothers and one that’s my own. I was in Les Mis in 2003, but it obviously wasn’t a major role. I’m also a Christian and –is that a purity ring?” He asked, as he caught sight of my left hand. “You’re observant.” I teased, “Yes, it is. A bit like yours.” I smiled at him. A look spread over Nick’s face, but I didn’t recognize what it was. He looked at me for a moment before smiling, without showing his teeth of course but never the less it was still a smile. A beautiful smile and I definitely wasn’t going to complain about that.


After that we went down to the stage to rehearse but Cameron told us he didn’t need us just yet and probably wasn’t going to for another hour and a bit due to a change needing to be made to one of the dances. So we decided to go and get some Starbucks, as it was near to the theatre and we were both thirsty. As it was still early and a school day there weren’t any young girls around to fawn over Nick, which I was glad of. I liked being able to talk to him without all the drama of being a celebrity for the moment. “What do you want?” Nick asked as he pulled his wallet out. He wanted to pay for me? “You don’t have to;” Nick shook his head “I want to. So what’s it going to be Silver?” I glanced up at the menu, trying to keep my cool. “I’ll have a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino please, Jonas.” I watched as he smiled to himself as he got served. “Hey, can I have one Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino and a Green Tea Frappuccino please? Thanks.” As we stood in the que, waiting for our drinks Nick and I carried on with another conversation. “So, have you listened to any of my music?” Erm, duh. “Yeah, actually I have. The Jonas Brother’s are actually my favourite band.” I laughed to myself. “And I love the Administraion too.” I played with a strand of blonde hair as I braided it and undid it again. “Really? That’s great. So, who’s your favourite brother?” He smirked at me. “Ah, funny.” “No seriously. Favourite brother?” This was going to be embarrassing. “Uh, Frankie.” I said, trying to catch him out. Of course, Nick was my favourite brother but I didn’t want him to think of me as some crazy fan. “You’re blushing.” He pointed out. I hadn’t realized that I was until I felt the warmth on my cheeks. “I’m your favourite brother aren’t I?” I hit his arm quite hard by the look on his face. “Shut up, Nick.” This boy was making me go crazy after only knowing him for a few hours. I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach as I spoke to him and looked into his eyes. Luckily our drinks came then, after saying a quick thanks we headed back to the theatre.

“Right. So we’ve covered a few little facts about ourselves including the fact that I’m your favourite Jonas.” He ducked as I went to hit him again, laughing. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re my favourite Silver.” I smiled, taking another sip of my drink before I hit the bottom. I pouted when I noticed it was all gone and lent up to chuck it into the bin. Nick did the same when he was done apart from the fact that he missed. I laughed a lot at that. “Fail,” He laughed too, but slowly stopped as he looked at me weirdly again. “I’ve never seen your smile or laugh so much before.” The words kinda fell out of my mouth before I had chance to stop them. He glanced down for a moment before looking up at me again. “I guess you have that effect on me. Its just feels natural here.” I bit my lip to stop me from smiling some more. He was making me smile a lot today. “You seem like a smiley person,” He stated. “Yeah, I guess I am. I’ve got a lot to smile about.” It was true, my life was almost perfect. I’m not going to say what could make it even better though. I’ll tell you if it happens. “Me too. And especially after today.”



Over the course of a week, Nick and I found out a lot about each other and became quite close. We'd practised together and hung out in between rehearsals, seeing as we were the only two that were 17 it was easy. In fact we became so close that Nick had asked me if I could show him some of the best bits of London.  That’s why on our day off, we met at the theatre door and began our tour. Today I had decided to take him to Camden Market. It had one of the best atmosphere's I’d ever been in and was full of performers. Perfect for two people like us. I was watching Nick as we reached the market, as his eyes took in every little detail of the place. "I love it here," I said to him as we passed a magician surrounded by amazed kids. We stopped to se a few of his tricks; he was good but not the best. I wanted to find something different, something brilliant to show Nick. As we reached the centre, the place where only one performer dominated, I spotted a man I’d seen perform before. He was exactly what I wanted to show Nick. "Hey, come on." I dodged through the crowds to get to the front. I sat down on a step and pulled Nick down next to me, laughing at the expression on his face. “What?” He couldn’t help but laugh. The man smiled at us as he set up his stuff and began the show. We were able to watch the show peacefully for a good ten minutes before we had to go. Of course fans recognized him, which was fine. They were polite and came up and asked for his autograph, I totally wasn’t fazed by any for it all. To be honest, I envied it. No, it was when I heard a camera click that I noticed tons of reporters taking pictures of us; laughing together and smiling at each other. I poked Nick in the ribs as he turned to see what I was nodded at. "Shoot," He muttered under his breath. Nick and I got up and he went off in front of me but the fans tried to get to him, almost crushing me when I felt a hand in mine. A hand that wore a ring just like mine. Nick pulled me along asking people to be careful and to not crush me. Finally we managed to get away as he hid around a corner. “Wow. That was fun," I laughed sarcastically before noticing our hands were still entwined. He looked down at him and slowly let mine go. As we stood there, getting our breath back, I spotted an ice cream shop. "Do you want an ice-cream? I asked me Nick as I reached down into my bag to pull out my purse. I was really craving some ice-cream. “Stay here,” I almost ordered Nick after he nodded to my question. "If we get caught I'm blaming you," Was the last thing I heard his say before I ran over to the man selling them.

“This ice-cream is seriously good.” Nick said, as he took another bite. We were sitting up against the wall. “I told you it would be.” I had got strawberry and he’d got chocolate, but I was now wishing I’d gotten his flavour as it looked so good. Nick saw that I was eyeing his ice-cream up. “Want some?” He asked as he held his arm out for me. I blushed and took a lick of it, whilst in my head all I could hear was ‘Kinky’. “I think yours I better than mine.” I sighed at my ice-cream. “I bet its not. Let me try.” I held mine out for him this time as he went in to take a bite. I giggled to myself as I moved the ice-cream away from him, causing him to almost fall over. He was right in my face, so I had the chance to ruffle his hair as I let him take a bite. “Yeah, you’re right. Mines better.” I hit his arm again. This was becoming a habit. I have to say, it became an amazing day somehow. But it was only the beginning of many more. After that I took him to see Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and on a boat ride across the Thames. I know this a crazy thing to say, but I was seriously falling, hard, for Nick. Not just the little crush I’d had before I had known him personally. I mean, really falling head over heels.

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28 December 2009 @ 07:50 pm
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  •  So, my nan passed away on the 6th and i havent reeally been with it, i havent felt the urge to post anything. 
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  • Doctor Who. ♥ I've been obsessed for 7 years, thats 7 years of shipping Doctor/Rose. Even though he lost her at the end of season 2 and travelled with Martha in season 3 & Donna in season 4, i still dreamt of the way they would re-unite, and their beautiful reunion In 'The Stolen Earth' reduced me to tears, about a year ago. It was perfect, part from the fact he got shot by a dalek. But as RTD said, every romantic scene should have a dalek. ;) But Donna's little face when she see's Rose behind him is pure ♥. She's so happy for The Doctor to be reuniting with his one true love. She saw how distraught he was when he lost her. Donna/Rose/Doctor/Jack are Team Tardis ♥ And then in Journeys End, when Rose and The Doctor hugged, Donna and Jacks faces were pure 'SQUEE' :D They are such shippers.

And just because its too beautiful to not  gif;

And I started to walk
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